Shop online without provide personal data


Purchases every present Mastercard® Acceptance Mark


Without having a bank account


Everywhere in the world in the current currency


Connect to your accounts / subscriptions


Load and withdraw from your gaming account in real time


Purchases and withdrawals in total security

How to use Carta Elektra

Online purchases, Shopping, ATM withdrawal, Receive payments, Connect on your account, PlaY online, Travels and many more

Online Purchases

Shop online without providing your personal data

To complete your purchase online with your Privacy Card simply enter “Carta Elektra”, the card number and CVV. Your personal data will not appear in the transaction
Your Carta Elektra is not connected to your bank account so you are sure that your sensitive data cannot be used in fraud or unauthorised transactions..


Shop wherever Mastercard® Acceptance Mark is present

With your Privacy Card you can make purchases in shops, restaurants and wherever Mastercard is accepted. The security chip on your card guarantees your privacy, No need to enter personal data just enter your PIN securely..
Carta Elektra is a prepaid card so you can control your expenses and budget responsibly. No overspending as you can only spend the amount of your card balance.

Receive payments

It’s the easy way to receive your earnings

Carta Elektra (in PLUS version) allows you to receive funds without having a bank account. All you need to provide are the bank details of the Emoney institute making the payment and the 12 digit number connected to your Privacy Card. The bank transfer will be credited to your card in 48 working hours.
View the requirements for receiving transfers in your User Area with just a few clicks. It’s simple to receive a bank transfer.

ATM withdrawal

Withdraw your money from more than 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide

You can withdraw your money anywhere on the Mastercard network in local currency using your PIN. Worldwide withdrawal is only available with Carta Elektra Plus

Carta Elektra Connect

Connect your Carta Elektra to your accounts and subscriptions

Connect your Privacy Card to your Apple Store profile, Google Play, Android and protect your personal data
Insert your Carta Elektra as a payment method for your Netflix account, Spotify, Apple Music and other subscriptions. Load your prepaid card only when you have to renew your subscription. In this way you can simplify your payments.

Play Online

Load and withdraw your gaming account in real time

You can load your gaming account on any gaming site where the Elektra brand is accepted. You can withdraw your winnings quickly and easily in real time.
Carta Elektra is also a gaming card and you can use it for online gaming on gaming sites where the Elektra payment system is not yet integrated


Travel carefree with Carta Elektra

You can withdraw your money anywhere on the Mastercard network in local currency and because your card is not connected to your bank account your personal data is protected..